Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I should be following news like this far more closely, and I will...but I have to get through the little fight we are having with our school board right now.

One part of the fight will be over in hours. Maybe minutes. Then on to educating the electorate about education.

If I've learned anything during this fight, it is that people can be very proprietary, incredibly mean, and completely unsupportive. And you? You just have to carry on regardless.

Could it be that the lessons I've hoped to learn when I'm 40 are kicking in now? That I shouldn't or don't have to care what other people think? Or that regardless of what they think, what I think is important? And that I am completely fabulous and who gives a shit if people are mean cause they are just jealous?

Thirty-eight is feeling pretty good right about now.

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Eric said...

Well, maybe perhaps a small victory in the school board battle, though more to come.