Friday, October 21, 2005

Found in my late grandmother's craft box (she had about the same level of organizational prowess that I did):

How to Raise a Boy

Love him with no strings attached.

Show confidence in his abilities.

Enjoy his growing skills.

Encourage his initiative.

Give him ways to help.

Help him feel he belongs.

Give him space of his own.

Give him freedom plus responsibility.

Give him the right to choose.

Keep your personal fears out of his life.

Let him speak without fear or shame.

Discipline him gently and consistently.

Give him something to believe in.

I think these are pretty nice. I fall short on a lot of points, especially the part about personal fears. Fear pretty much does rule my life but I can freely admit it and isn't that step one? I am consistent in discipline but not necessarily gentle - how can I be when he is charming and hilarious 2/3 of the time? At any rate, this blast from the past is something to chew on. Now that I've committed it to the Internet, I can toss away the tea-stained, mimeographed half-sheet.

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