Tuesday, November 23, 2010


We don't really have any Thanksgiving traditions. There have been Thanksgivings in the mountains, here at our former apartments and homes, in New York City, at the beach, with friends, with family, and one time here at home just us four. The one constant could be turkey...and maybe brussels sprouts.

I love brussels sprouts. We roast them in the oven with olive oil, salt and pepper. I used to make a brussels sprouts/artichoke casserole from Southern Living. Um, why did I do that? SO yummy just roasted or under the broiler...maybe with a bit of pancetta or bacon...or a squeeze of lemon.

Pumpkin pie is sort of a constant, too. I like all things pumpkin and maybe mostly because of the color and smell! Aren't you the same? I often make the Libby's can pie recipe, but this year we are trying pumpkin pudding and some pumpkin cupcakes -- not just for Halloween!

(Why would you make sweets at Halloween anyway?)

Placecards at the table are a bit of a tradition. The ones we use now were created by the children and I really am at a stage where I should laminate them. Cute leaf stickers, fall-colored construction paper, and crayons - voila!

My Fair Lady is a tradition we stole from a friend of mine...she used to watch with her mom every year when her mom was alive. As a gift, I gave my friend a special edition DVD featuring recordings of Audrey Hepburn actually singing! And this year, instead of renting My Fair Lady from Netflix AGAIN, I used my Borders Bucks ™ rewards and got our very own DVD for next to nothing. Loverly!

Hmmm, in thinking about it, we do have a few traditions. What are yours?

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Remlerville said...

I also love Brussels sprouts! They're my favorite vegetable. And since I'm the only person in the house who loves them, more for me! As for traditions, we have a couple: fishapalooza and shootapalooza, which you'll read about in an upcoming Remlerville blog. Enjoy My Fair Lady, my fair lady! Happy Thanksgiving!