Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not Immune to Gratitude

Dudes and dudettes, one thing I do not enjoy right now is needing to go to Caring Bridge and Care Calendar every day to check on three people, two of them under 10 years old, who are really, really struggling. I am thankful for health, even though my own has been dicey. I have not been completely well in over a month, but I am getting there and my complaints, while somewhat debilitating, are curable and treatable.

My weirdest, latest illness involved vertigo so severe I could not lift my head from my pillow for more than a second without vomiting. Today I turned a serious corner and did my beloved Body Pump with no dizziness. It looks like - knock wood, fingers crossed, mojo/voodoo/prayer whatever - that I will be healthy heading into the Busy Season.

So to boost this new-found health, i plan to do a few things with my immune system. Like, romance it. Give it a little one-on-one time. Really listen to it, actively. Buy it a bauble, something shiny.

I'm going to cut down on alcohol. I love alcohol! I do. And I can't drink much as I am a bit of a lightweight. But I think cutting back as we enter the most wonderful time of the year is a good idea.

I'm taking a supplement - and vitamin C. And melatonin on nights when I'm not resting well (thanks Nansch - my doc thought that was a great idea!).

I'm going to rest well. I don't sleep well every night, but that is going to change, dammit! Wait, down...

I'm going to be ridiculous about keeping up the exercise. Sometimes I let it slide, if work is calling...but this is just as important as work. I'm also focusing on getting some good old sunshine -created vitamin D.

I'm not going to sweat the small stuff. Small Stuff, you know what you are. I'm not going to sweat you.

I'm eating lower fat, higher protein, less sugars. Although Trader Joe's dried mango, you slay me.

I'm drinking butt-loads of water. Perhaps "butt-loads" is not the best descriptive noun here.

I'm laughing at my children, and loving our new pet. Love and laughter - the best medicine.

My wish for you this Thanksgiving is that you'll find good health on your gratitude list.

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Remlerville said...

I always LOVE reading your blog. So glad melatonin is working for you. I'm sending you an e-mail via Facebook. Please go check.