Sunday, November 07, 2010

All Saints

Despite being sick, I mustered up the strength to go to our All Saints' service this morning. I usually have the role of ringing a bell for the dead. This year, with an inner ear virus, I gave that job to someone else. BONG BONG BONG is not what I needed today.

But the service, no matter what you believe about the afterlife, is incredibly peaceful. There is a painful beauty in remembering who has gone before. Our pastor does a lovely job of taking the fear out of death and while he doesn't extol the virtues and qualities of heaven, per se, he does remind us that love lives on no matter what.

And of course, the music. Today we had the harpist from the NC Symphony and she did a duet with our organist on the Fauré Requiem that had me shivering with goose bumps. Also? She's really nice and upbeat.

And one of my favorite sopranos sang the soaring solo on the "Lux Aeterna" from Rutter's Requieum. I was moved. But pulled it together to sing with her.

For they rest from their labours. Requieum aeternam dona eis Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis.

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