Monday, October 25, 2010

A Pivotal Day

Our pastor talked about days that change you in his sermon (that I heard twice, per my usual) yesterday. The day you are married. The day you hear you have cancer. The day you decide that you are not going to be mad anymore. The day your first child is born.

Last night, my daughter couldn't sleep because I happened to drop this gem on her right before bedtime:

"Tomorrow our lives will change!"

Because today we got our bunny. She was purchased at the fair last week and we have been in contact with her breeder? grower? previous owner? for a bit. But today was the day. Daddy went and got her and...

....fell instantly in love. Those of you who know him should be surprised at this - I sure was! But he has had a teensy turnaround in recent days. Maybe he was worried ahead of time and had acceptance spread upon him. Last night, his answer to daughter's not sleeping was to give her a mantra to repeat to herself. It was, and I quote,

"Breathe in, 'I'm getting a bunny', breathe out, 'I love my bunny'".

I'm pausing here whilst you laugh.

Anyway, she's soft as hell. And interesting to watch and interact with. No biting and poop output is minimal. It's only day one, of course. But so far, so good. For today, at least, we are happy and full of joy and love. A day that has changed us.

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Lynn said...

Little Miss Muffin
Loved by ALL
breathe in, breath out.