Friday, October 29, 2010


Well, we don't even have a pumpkin yet. The fact that Christmas is in full swing at BOTH of my jobs has something to do with that. But there is no school today, so we shall see if something can get done about this huge gaffe in the holiday merry-making.

(I should tell you that we have celebrated, however. I was at school most of yesterday with the "Fall Experience". That phrase never fails to entertain me. Several concessions were made, as the temperature was something like 85. So hot cider became ice water, etc. There was also the fair fun complete with bunny and the annual Fall Festival at our school, where my shift was to ensure that children did not go back into the Haunted House after they exited. Also, we were able to watch half of "The Addams Family" together as a family, the other half to be viewed sometime this weekend. RIP Raul Julia! Angelica Houston - unparalleled! Christina Ricci - brilliant!)

With everyone's various activities in full swing, we also haven't finalized costumes. Hoping to remedy that tomorrow - here's my son's idea:

And my daughter continues her stretch of Costume As Social Commentary by producing her own "high stakes gambler" outfit. I cannot find an image to capture her homemade, painted, and glue gunned couture, but rest assured the point comes across.

Other ideas I had were:

World Cup fan: soccer jersey, Vuvuzela. TERRIFYING!

Tony Hayward: fake tan, Hawaiian shirt, blank expression. YIKES!

Wake School Board Majority: You need a blonde hottie, grey hair spray, padding, and the other one. AGGGH!!

Mark Zuckerburg: GAP sweatshirt, wads of cash hanging out of your pockets, blank expression. HORRORS!

Joan Holloway: red updo, gold pen necklace, baby bump. SCARY! (for her, anyway)

Ok, I've got to go buy this pumpkin.

Happy Hallowe'en!

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