Thursday, October 07, 2010

In a Pinch, I DJ

I just returned from Body Pump class. The instructor's iPod died during our first set.

"Who has an iPod?"

Um, me?

Um, all of my songs are explicit?

Oh wait, here's a playlist....with a bunch of Captain Underpants and Spongebob songs....KIDS!!! Grrr.

But: how about "HEY BABY"! (Squats commence!)

We move on to biceps and triceps...and I'm not sure I can find anything.

"Do you have any rap?"

Um, yes? BUT IT'S FILTHY!!

We settle on some "Empire State of Mind" and a couple of Rhianna songs.

I started getting creative at this point...and I tried some TV on the Radio for lunges. Yeah, that didn't go over as well. Then I found an old Madonna song (that I happen to love - unusual in that I like Madonna's singles but never her albums...this one was not a single) for abs.


Finally, cool down. I was thinking about it in my head the whole set of crunches. Dare I attempt Avett Brothers? Taylor Swift had already been rejected. There was the Mamma Mia! soundtrack to consider. I had U2's "No Line On the Horizon" - surely something soothing in that...

but ultimately I went back to my tried and true.

Reader, I went with REM. From Automatic for the People! And we all felt restored and renewed and fully stretched.

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Lynn said...

You are such the ultimate mix master.