Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We're hosting my son's teacher's pet rabbit for Thanksgiving!

Yes! That is about the most exciting thing in my life right now!

Oh, well, sure - I got my period five days earlier than expected. But I'm sure you all saw THAT coming a mile away!

Mazda is his name! He is gray.

And white, I think.

And large. And poops, when scared.

And I want to keep him forever, but my husband does not. So I am making a much bigger deal out of all this than necessary, as is my way when I am pitching a fit!

Thanksgiving planning has gotten a bit out of control, with the exception of Mazda's confirmed arrival and departure date. We're not sure who else is coming, I'm at a soccer tourney all weekend so no grocery shopping, and we've decided to paint a room before Thursday. That said, we did find a new brussels sprouts recipe to try! (This isn't it, but this is the mag where we found it. I'll post it prior to the holiday. This one looks good, though, no?)

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