Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I finished off the rest of the relish today. Mmmmm. In addition, we had my husband's delicious wine/garlic/lemon/rosemary basted turkey, stuffing a la the go-to cookbook, Greek green beans, the brussels sprouts I talked about earlier (I found the recipe!), mashed potatoes (also Greek style - no butter), pickles, olives, whole wheat rolls, and a starter of my friend Brooke's butternut squash soup with ginger....oh, it is tasty dear reader.

The Gerwurtzihengtraimer (I just cannot bring myself to spell it correctly) was PERFECTION with the bird. Ah.

And the Gruet was fun as hell! For the price, one cannot beat it. Seek it out, you who like bubbles: New Mexico Champagne: who woulda thunk it?

The pumpkin pie was prepared exclusively by the children and was so nice, and so good-looking! I was proud.

Another holiday come and gone. Aunt J. has gone back to her midwestern 20s bungalow, Mazda has gone home to his lovely, well-appointed home in the nice neighborhood, and my husband and I have gone back to work and the children to school. These times, they flee, but they are more appreciated with age.

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