Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's been Weezer Week here at Whilst. First, "Island in the Sun" has a random prominence in our Netflixed children's movie, "Aquamarine" (don't bother unless you want to see Emma Roberts now to compare to later, when she is a big star). Then my son puts "Don't Let Go" on his "Awesome Rock Songs" iMix (just after "Gold Digger" by Ludacris and just before "Daft Punk" by LCD Soundsytem). And upon surfing the Internets I find out they've broken up and I'm so sad.

But they haven't! See? And better yet, they have my china! I think maybe Rivers got married along the way, maybe even in '92 - '94 like we did.

Eagerly awaiting the next Weezer moment.

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Eric said...

Putting the "rock songs" collection together with the boy was an interesting exercise in negotiating pop-culture pitfalls. Fortunately I somehow survived without putting "Hash-Pipe" into the final mix. Similarly, the girl wanted to make a special request for a certain Gwen song involving SH!! and bananas at the father daughter Y-Princess dance. I'm not sure even the clean version would have gone over too well there, though when it comes to brass tacks I suppose the good people at the YMCA wouldn't have played their namesake song if they were really reading too much into the lyrics. That was the most popular number of the night with the young ladies.