Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: Summer 2006. Well, that should be the title anyway. After my transmission went defunct, and my husband's lovely grandmother died, and various other little things (always the little things) made us sad or mad or frustrated, we were able to get away to the OBX and see things we'd not seen and relax and enjoy time that passed almost too slowly - a novelty and a fantastic one. On the way back we ate at Wilbur's BBQ, an Eastern NC institution. I'm not sure if this is where it happened, but it might have been, and what happened is I picked up a bit of a salmonella infection.

Good. Lord. In. Heaven. Almighty.

I'm still having post-traumatic stress syndrome from the full week of hell that I endured. A bright spot is the weight loss but I do not, repeat, do not recommend the diet. My children were scared, my husband was the picture of patience and support, my parents came to the rescue, and I basically laid in bed unable to take fluids much less jello or a cracker and focusing on the intense pain 24 hours a day for days that seemed to never end. And then the nights. Oh God the nights.

I'm better now. Better enough. A proud moment was taking the children to our first (and only) Bulls game of the season and seeing Kevin Witt hit a lefty homer into our section to clinch the win. I've also attempted the farmer's market and gotten hold of some good ole okra and fragrant peaches. Today we might just venture downtown and see what's what.

The summer is slipping away and I'm pissed I missed a whole week of it. But I'm back in the saddle now and plan to ride this baby out til the bitter end.

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