Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Senses: Touch

I can't talk about touch this season without mentioning our new bunny. She has been a wonderful new addition, and boy is she SOFT. Her fur is a color the breeders called "fawn" and that's true. Underneath the fawn, she is snowy white, and so's her belly. Her ears are soft, but she generally prefers petting about the jaws and behind her ears.

Also on her rump. Especially when I, whose nails have grown out since my guitar playing is on a winter hiatus, scratch her, she extends into what we like to call "loaf pose".

Le lapin est une baguette!

Petting her has taken time out of my day. She needs her human companions, and as the one with a fairly flexible schedule, I often go to spend time with her in the mornings or afternoons before the arrival home. Not a problem. I swear I think my blood pressure plummets when I'm with her. She's so sweet and loving, and the softness of her fur is truly remarkable.

So even though we've been busy and maybe even stressed (though not too bad - amazing how you can keep stress at bay if you don't let it take over your life) this season, our soft little bunny has helped us remember the message of the season: love.

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