Monday, December 06, 2010

Holiday Senses: Sight

We had a little snow on Saturday. It. Was. PERFECT. Pretty, short-lived, melting now, and on a weekend. Living in the South, one doesn't see a sight like I did this weekend very often: our tree, just put in the tree stand, with white powder clinging to the branches. My sweater, coming in from outside, dusted with snow. Our yard almost fully blanketed, with swaths from the sledding attempts (not bad!) cut through it. Through my window during a brief break in the madness, the flakes showering down from a steel-grey sky.

That night we braved the roads to head to an old friend's annual soiree...and the Christmas lights and the shiny roads made the snow twinkle. That's right, twinkle. Bundled in my coat (due to my bare legs, arms, and strappy shoes), I loved looking at the rare sight of the bowing trees and frosted branches.

It still hasn't melted all the way. Yay.

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