Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wow! My hope that folks would chill out a bit was a bit misguided don't ya think! Gracious!

For the record, I would like to say that I have accepted that my position was the losing one in the school board debate here in town, and I plan to move forward, make the best of what I have, disagree in civil ways, and fight really hard come next election time. Hey! What a concept! WOULDN'T THAT BE COOL IF ALL LOSING SIDES COULD FOLLOW MY LEAD? HUH???

Enough politics!

Easter, aka The Big Show, rolls into town next week and as a result, the church job has exploded into a many-tentacled, messy thing with lots of paper and scores and instrumentalists and words like "tenebrae" and "maundy" being tossed around. I am exhausted.

Spring Break, aka Five Days of Break plus a Snow Make-Up Day, arrives next week too. Sadly, we had to pass on Masters (or should I say Mistresses? heh) tickets.

My husband is now a Rotarian. He gets to say little chants and wear a little pin and learns all about the good work of Rotarians across the planet.

My children have various triumphs and trials but may I say that 6th grade seems a hell of a lot easier than 4th grade? Not academically; socially & emotionally.

My brother-in-law completed a marathon (limping for miles and still!) so he gets to cross that one off the life list. He said Everest was next.

I'll have some movie reviews next time!


Remlerville said...

Suz, I'm with you. I'm nonplussed at the current vitriol. But like you said in your last post, people get scared during times of great change. This is one of those times. We'll survive. Good luck to you as you survive the coming week, but I have one big question--are you coming to coastal Georgia? Whether you stay at Jekyll or Savannah, I'll come see you! Let me know!

Lynn said...

bring on the Easter mix - a favorite this time of year. xoxo

Anonymous said...


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