Friday, March 05, 2010

So I've written a long blog post and started editing it, and you know what? That's not fun!

Random thoughts:

My daughter wants a bunny and has written a wonderful tome entitled "Bunny Costs, Facts, and Other Information" in order to sway her dad (I am fully on board with said bunny). This little piece is by far the most entertaining thing I've ever read. For one thing, the word "rabbit" is never used. "Bunny litter box: around $9" is the type of line item described. Also good: "Cord covers: $10", since Mazda's visit in November of ought-seven resulted in all of our phone cords destroyed by bunny chewing.

The Wake School Board situation has deteriorated into a debacle worthy of, say, a New York Times article! Yay, us!

My rash is worthy of an entire post but suffice to say I've now been biopsied, sent to world-class university hospitals, and poked, prodded and medicated (and drained of countless $50 co-pays) and: NADA. Another bad breakout yesterday. It's not bedbugs, and it's not lupus - so that's good. I'm calling it Middle Aged Woman's Hysteria Rash.

We saw Avatar! In 3D. I loved it. I was completely spell-bound for 3 hours (and I did not have to get up to pee one time). Any film that can do that for me gets high marks. I understand every single criticism I've read, and I still thought - WHOA. Great looking military crap, painful destruction, believable heroes (with classically bad dialogue), and a happy ending. What's not to like?

But I still hope Kathryn Bigelow and The Hurt Locker take the prizes come Sunday. Go, lady, go!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry - until Wake County starts featuring actual fistfights at the meetings, it will forever pale against the shenanigans the Durham school board used to get into!


Nancy said...

Congratulations on seeing Avatar. I cannot muster any interest. Maybe it's the blue people. I never could generate interest in Smurfs either.

Belle said...

Nancy - you have to trust me - it's great. Although I do tend towards sci fi (see: District 9 aka my favorite movie this year) And also? I ended up LOVING (not just "loving") Elegance of the Hedgehog. Heartbreaking and delicious.