Monday, February 01, 2010


Snow '10 report:

Day 1: Children dressed and ready to go by 7 a.m. (it was a Saturday) Much sledding in the what was actually sleet. I tended to my dentist, who injured her hand, a kid whose parents were at the top of the hill socializing whilst he hit a fire hydrant, and to various wild child confrontations. I welcomed the limoncello being passed around in a glass jar at that point.

We ate well and slept better, and watched" Iron Man". My husband did a lot of sitting around reading Blake, as he is wont to do.

Day 2: Church was NOT canceled. I slept in at least, but then we ventured out. This was more than I could take, apparently, as I then had to nap. Long walk in the slush, more sledding, fire FAIL (so unusual for me! I am such a good fire builder. I am devastated). Forewent the Grammys in order to watch Masterpiece's "Emma".

Day 3: Ventured to friend's house where we had non-instant cocoa (my children will never, ever let me serve instant again), chili for the 3rd time (white bean, a nice change of pace), and some killer-ass sledding that actually was scary and a bit painful. Still. Attempted to build a snowman. Friend found tiramasu in her fridge and pulled it out. My children were instantly transformed. What is this dark magic, they asked. They have talked of little else since.

Day 3 is ending with a question of whether or not schools will open tomorrow. At this point our Spring Break is in jeopardy. I still like my family, but a rigid schedule and actually driving at this point would be welcome.


Now to go put a blow dryer to my firewood. I will succeed tonight!


Lynn said...

What is the saying,
"Company (insert neighbors)like fish, goes bad after 3 days."
I have heard not a peep from all my neighbors of whom we have been socializing NON STOP since snOMG storm hit.
I find it interesting.

Anonymous said...
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