Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Could Care Less...

...about the Olympics. Between managing my own little athletes, tiring of television and sitting down indoors, and a newfound fear of snow and cold (and now wind! Good Lord the sky is falling!), I really have no desire to watch any of it. Anyone want to change my mind?


Anonymous said...

No. I, too, am indifferent to the Olympics.

On another note - I heart the shimmer wall. I wonder if it lost any of its tiles during the massive wind gusts today?


Anonymous said...

I am so proud of my country and their ability to highlight the aboriginal people and our culture and our land. Imagine an American olympics where they spotlight the fact that irish, scotch, french and english were NOT the original people - can you even imagine that possible? I hope you did watch the opening games tonight. YOu would learn a lot about the country I love and miss.

Lynn said...

I saw some of the opening ceremony and did enjoy the beauty.
Still, that shimmer wall beats ALL!