Monday, January 04, 2010

Twenty Ten

Happy Birthday Mr. Stipe!

Welcome home, Obamas! We think all of your activities in Hawai'i were lovely. Sorry about the mess upon your return.

Congratulations, Tim Tebow! I am totally obsessed with you. My young son does not share my obsession, though he praised my attention span whilst watching your entire game versus Cincinatti...especially since you buried them. Ephesians 4:11 indeed!!! Or whatever verse was on your eye paint for the bowl game...I wasn't looking too closely at your eyes....

Rest in peace, Vic Chesnutt. Oh, this is the saddest loss of 2009 for me. I met him once, in Chapel Hill, following a riveting concert. A concert where, instead of a "thank you and goodnight!" the audience heard upon his exit a "I gotta take a dump". But that was Mr. Chesnutt. I had THE FLU. But I still went to see him - and thank goodness. He was so nice, so excited that a couple of Maconites had ventured out to see him with THE FLU even. He had written me a postcard after I sent him a complimentary letter about one of his songs. I have temporarily misplaced this postcard, and will not post again until I find it. It had a self-portrait of him on it. He was amazing. His death reminds me that quality, affordable health care for all is not a reality. Yet. His life and music remind me of my past, my family, my South, my own mind.

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