Thursday, January 14, 2010

Richard Morse, musician and hotel owner in Haiti's tweets are astounding and perhaps life-saving at this point.

The Times Twitter list.

Google Earth imagery of the disaster.

RĂ©gine from Arcade Fire is Haitian. Their web site has constant updates and ways to help.


MERCI center

Stop Hunger Now

Hearts With Haiti (My boss and a team from the church where I work and am a member will be heading to Haiti within 6 weeks to the St. Joseph's boys ((no longer the "home for boys")) so I can update anyone interested in sending SUPPLIES at that time - money is basically useless at this point)

Hearts and Hands for Haiti (my friend and co-worker left with a group from this mission at 2 p.m. Tuesday. TWO P.M. She was very close to...what...I don't know. She's in shock right now.)

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