Monday, September 14, 2009

Representative Joe Wilson, Serena Williams, and Kanye West. These folks? Reminding me how NOT to be.

We all know I have mixed feelings about organized religion and faith in general, but if there is one thing that church does each week it is that it reminds me. Reminds me what being a good person is all about, reminds me to take care of my fellow man. I want to be about love, kindness, support, and forgiveness. I fail at it hourly, daily, yearly, but that's what I work towards.

I will close this uppity post with a letter my friend's dad wrote her.

Dear Daughters,

Perhaps the past few days' events will prompt America to re-examine its "me first" behavior, which seems to dominate these times. First, a supposedly well-mannered Eagle Scout from America's most mannered city (Charleston, SC) heckles the American President on the floor of our Capitol. Then Serena Williams threatens to stuff a ball down the throat of a line judge who called a foot fault (which Serena does all the time!) and did so to the tune of 2 F-words and the brandishing of her metal racket (her 2nd; the first had been broken to smithereens by a previous display of temper and foul attitude!).

Both have stimulated condemnation. But both have released an avalanche of supportive commentary, heavily sprinkled with vitriolic anger - racial, religious, stereotypical name calling, etc. Where have we come from? Moreover, where are we going?!!!!!! We seem to have become a society of spoiled brats who speak before we think. Anger is a proud badge. It's always someone else's fault. We all need to bring this home...and think. More is wrong than an questionable line call or an imperfect health plan.

We need help!!!


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