Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm always the one who gets sick.

I laid in bed for two straight days on a beautiful weekend with no soccer and an open pool. By the time I figured out something was bad wrong, I had to go to an urgent care and miss work. And at the urgent care, they said "chest xray" and I had a panic attack.

Not pneumonia. Not swine flu!

But dang I feel like crap, still. So back to the doc today. I sometimes wonder how much of it is in my head...I've had the worst illnesses since my children arrived, although I've never had the easiest time of it health-wise. That's another story for another time.

The bright side of this disease, as it was during the Salmonella Outbreak of Ought-Six, is that my husband is truly there In Sickness. He was sweet, patient, not annoyed by my all-night coughing, tender with the children, creative with meal and activity planning, and generally wonderful. I daresay I would not be near as kind if the tables were turned...and let's hope that theory does not get tested anytime soon! So thanks honey.

Off to the doctor.

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Lynn said...

Let me know what they said.