Monday, January 12, 2009


Upstairs: On tiny, now black and white (due to constant poking/prodding) tv, I watched "24" and was slightly disappointed and a bit bored, but still loving Jack's solitary nature.

Downstairs: On the new ginormous tv, Daddy and Son watched the DEACONS DOMINATE UNC WHO WAS LIKE #2 IN THE COUNTRY OR WHATEVER BUT WENT DOWN!!!!

In between: I checked in with the Fug Girls' live blog for fashion coverage and noted the NY Times' headlines about, who else, Heath Ledger. And Kate "Nekkid" Winslet.

Fashionwise, I certainly enjoyed Marisa Tomei. I can also guarantee this will end up on all of tonight's worst-dressed lists.

Love, love, love the Mad Men girls. Joan looked hot, but so did Peggy and Betty!

Who is the hotter couple?

And finally, my daughter's favorite of the night (narrowly edging out Amanda Seyfried from "Mamma Mia"):

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Lynn said...

Pierce & his wife are much hotter!