Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I was a secret policy wonk this past election season. And I say secret because I hid it from my family. My husband is a well-known political junkie, and I just didn't think our house/family/social life would survive with two of us in the house. So I started a few rituals: whilst making dinner or before everyone got into the kitchen for breakfast, I would watch CNN non-stop. In the car, no more jazz - just NPR. (Or, in the days before the economic meltdown, Rush Limbaugh. I kid you not.) And I became a devoted follower of Nathan Silver.

FiveThirtyEight was fun, impressive for a non-numbers gal, and generally a calming influence for someone who worried about certain races going certain ways, that they certainly did not. Apparently, I'm not alone in Loving Nate - check out the NYTimes, Newsweek, and Facebook.

So now the election is over, and Nate Silver is worried people won't care about politics anymore. But as my friend Linda said, now is the time to put the shoulder to the wheel. I'm taking down my political signs today (don't blame me for leaving them up for a week - those on differing sides from me in my 'hood have done the same and I suspect won't take them down anytime soon). I'm ready to recommit to helping people in my circle, to advocate for those less fortunate in my community, and to try to keep our own family economics from imploding. I'm proud and happy - and especially grateful that gender and race seemed to be non-issues last week (especially in my state!) - but I won't be a pompous, gloating ass about it. Starting now!

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