Thursday, July 03, 2008

During this session of Camp Grandma, we've had three delish dinners and feel very much at ease with one another. It's crazy how you forget a lot about the person you are married to when you run a cab service/diner/laundromat.

We had tasty but surprisingly expensive Indian food from our fave place in town. UTI, I know you react badly when spicy food is introduced, but I don't care. Chicken Tikka Masala forever! That night we watched "Juno", which I had already seen. I repeat that the supporting players damn near outshine the cute and perky Ellen Page.

The second night was the big night out. I rested all day hoping to be up for it, put on a newish frock, and we went downtown. We checked in on my hubby's new building, then went to Fins. Thank God my boss had given me a gift certificate for my birthday. Sheesh, was it pricey - but worth every penny. The atmosphere is so chic, the service so unobtrusive, the food so ridic....and me, just in from Chi-town and New York! I daresay we had my fave meal EVER in the Triangle that night. We went to The Mint for dessert, which was fun and bar-hoppish, but I wish we'd stayed at Fins, in retrospect. I did enjoy my lemon verbena creme brulee but the green tea biscotti tasted a bit like seaweed.

Oh, so what did we have at Fins: the Thai snapper for him, the mango-salad Sea Bass deal for me, the hot pot appetizer selection of a Thai soup with shrimps. GOOD FREAKING TIMES.

Last night we had to go to a soccer meeting for my daughter's team, which was crazy, but it made us feel like we deserved another expensive night out. We went back to a tried and true place, Margaux's, which has been around since we got married in '92. They even had vintage menu items from '92 as choices! I got another great piece of fish but wow, was it filling with a She-Crab bisque surrounding it. My husband got duck. I love duck. I love all the cute animals.

So today I'm hopin' and prayin' he comes home from work early and we can go see "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and laugh and relive our Hawaii trip, and then get a LIGHT dinner with NO alcohol (eesh I'm a bit hungover from a very tobacco-y Zin last night).

I promise to get back to bitter, angry, and edgy posting next week sometime.

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