Friday, July 18, 2008

Random Musings

Do you want to see Helen Mirren in a bikini? THE ANSWER IS, YES, YOU DO. Good gravy! Like the Fug Girls, I, too am in love.

Do you want to see "The Dark Knight"? I do, and yet am scared, and yet if I can sit through most of "Children of Men" (a recent rental) I think I can. Reviews of interest here, here, and here (though I truly hate our paper's reviewer at the moment. Why all the Will Smith hate, Craig Lindsey???)

The Olympics always tire me out. One more thing to do, and one more excuse to not exercise - instead, I watch fiercely competitive, passionate people in amazing shape go out and do dramatic physical feats whilst sitting on my ass. Still, one is inspired by Dana Torres, if only because she is 41 and a mom. I don't believe the doping semi-hype. I think she just rocks.

The New Yorker, my only source of cultural reference for many years and a magazine I've subscribed to since I was less than 30, is getting some major criticism over this week's cover. My copy hasn't come yet. My newspaper columnist friend has weighed in, and my mother-in-law left a message this morning bemoaning the offensiveness of the cover and her desire to quit her subscription in protest. Anywho, the artwork seems to be in bad taste, but I would agree that perhaps it might have gone a bit under the radar had Obama's campaign not brought it up at all. We'll see how I feel when I hold the issue in my hands.

We're gone for a week. The cat is well cared-for, we have folks staying in our house whilst we are gone so don't even think about it, and there is rain forecast for my new plantings. Goodbye, and good luck.


Schleiferkin said...

I thought J. Peder Zane would be Andy Peterson. And I was sad. Though, J. Peder Zane does have a nice ring to it.

On a different note, Wassup with all the alliteration / soft consonants in the names of NPR hosts anyway? Noah Adams, Steve Inskeep, Deborah Amos, Bob Boilen, Bryan Naylor--the local Seattle NPR station was the same. Do these folks give themselves the equivalent of 'pen-names?'

And why is Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson so sad--resigned even--in her 'sign-off' Sheesh.

Don't even get me started on the robotic guy...w w w dot sodexho...I'm sure he spent years cultivating his schtick.

I could go on and on. It distracts me from the actual news.

Schleiferkin said...

Wait--More. Why does NPR hire people with speech impediments? Hello? Ivan Watson...

And--why does Michele Norris pronounce her name Meeeechele Norris?

You can tell I've thought a lot about all of this.

Lynn said...

I love bikini Helen!