Sunday, June 08, 2008

So its freaking hot. Coolest May on record, then earliest reading of 100 degrees ever, and of course no rain in sight after a damp Spring. One feels the climate is...I don't know, changing!

Due to the hot, the family camping trip was put off. Mommy and Daddy's vision of a sweaty, toss-and-turn night that didn't involve sex did not appeal.

Instead, we day-tripped to the beach! Just when I'm about to hate my town so much I'll have to badmouth it on this blog and others, I remember that a short, two-hour trip away I can find a breeze and temperatures ten degrees cooler than 102. Off we went with picnic, pails, and about $79 worth of sunscreen.

Seriously, here's the breakdown of our trip (you know I'm so budget-conscious):

Tank of gas: $50 or thereabouts
Sunscreen: $10 (seriously, that is how much it costs to protect my family for a few hours)
Boogie boards: $26
Picnic lunch and ice: $15 or less
Dinner out with friends: $40

A day of relaxation, beautiful views, non-stop wave riding, friends and family, all for less than $150. A trip to the local water park would have cost the same, and I would have more than likely have committed some atrocity to my fellow man when packed into such a place on such an intemperate day. Better that we had a few hours of air conditioned car time, just the four of us, and pelicans, sand, and the gentle waves of Fort Fisher.

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