Saturday, April 12, 2008

Second Day, First Stop

My husband loves to drive in foreign locales. He won't drive us to Georgia or the mountains or beach, and he rarely drives us around town, but put him a car with a left-side steering wheel and a country with roundabouts and he WILL rent a car.

So Wednesday found us behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Sharan. As usual with our European rentals, I wish I could get this car in the US. Maybe sometime soon... My parents were very game about this endeavor, and trusted my hubby implicitly. I'm a fairly good navigator in these situations and I also have a good, loud, "DEATH" that I call out if another car is near or husband makes a false move.

We headed up the M5 to Windsor - yay! My Diana-obsession, and moderate interest in the Royals in general, about to be appeased! But no, closed! But wait, state visit from Sarcozy - just step around there, please madam, and whoa - there is the Queen and Philip, she in a hat! My mother was BESIDE HERSELF. I was feeling fairly good about all of it, still bummed I couldn't get inside the castle, but excited we were having an unusual experience. I chose not to take pictures, but others did.

We stayed put in our excellent vantage point and good thing: the Irish Black horses with their festooned riders came by, with bands, and various other pomp, and soon enough carriages with Charles and Camilla (!), the Queen and President Sarcozy, Madame Bruni-Sarcozy (to my husband's delight. She waved at my daughter ((not my husband, though he will tell you otherwise)) as she had a French flag in her hands.) Carla's fashion was the buzz of London all the rest of the week. (Please do note the date of the previous link's article) She certainly did not disappoint in person, and frankly, neither did anyone else. They all looked totally glamourous and gorgeous.

We found a nice lunch place and exchanged stories. This, by the way, was the first meal wherein I realized I needed to eat like a bird to be able to afford what my children would order and eat. Walking 10 miles a day and eating light are great for me, but feeding them was expensive all the time.

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Schleiferkin said...

Chiquita banana -- check out the BBC's 'A Royal Year'-- you will most like. I got to go to Windsor too--but I didn't see any royals--including the hideous Camilla. Nor the beautiful Wills. I do live in a county in Virginia now called Prince William. OH--AND--when I drove around the UK I picked up a handy "Student Driver" magnet/sticker thing and stuck it on my car. I laughed a lot. Unfortunately, I was with 'Voldemort' and our friend Ben who only drank Guiness--no food--and, consequently was extremely flatulent.