Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More R.E.M. - tis the season.

You must purchase the tiny white sponges of hope - even I, the Great Unclean, have found them miraculous. Why, just today I erased 7 years worth of crayon/hand prints/scuff marks off our hall walls and door frames, with just two of the soft bright marvels. (Available, I add at the risk of losing potential millions for endorsing this product, in a generic brand)

And finally, yesterday culminated in a visit to the urgent care. My wacko children had fashioned a gymnastics bar from an old baseball return net thingy. Their feats were astounding, but scary...we had warned them AGAIN and AGAIN that caution must be taken. I was not surprised when my daughter went down, and the bar went down on top of her. Everyone stayed calm, and everyone insisted on being together (which is kind of cute but troublesome too), and we took her in to rule out concussion and broken nose (still not 100% sure, but we hope to get a final reading of the x-rays today). She looks like someone took a bat to her forehead and nose bridge. I wrote a very informative note to the teacher hoping to head off calls from social services, and I've tried not to be a worrywart all day.

Not fun, but not as bad as it could have been.


Lynn said...

Post a pic.

cara said...

we're going to see rem in atlanta! it will be my first time seeing them!

Schleiferkin said...

OMG. SCARY!! Kids are crazy. I was never that crazy. I wouldn't even run down a hillside.