Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Careening Towards 40: Part 2 in a (increasingly limited) Series

I've gotten the following comments on the news that I was turning 40.

"Really? I thought you were wayyyy older than that." (you have to know her)

"Seriously, I took you for no older than 38." (Dude. At least 37?)

"I thought you were in your mid-to-late 30s" (.....)

"When you get a blow-out, you look 35, max." (Right???)

So I am beginning the evening of my last night in the 30s. I'm overwhelmed when I think of all that happened in the last ten years. Not necessarily in a good way. My 20s were a period of intense emotional and personal growth, but a hell of a lot of creativity and fun. That cannot be said of this decade. I know that I am entering the age of more loss - but perhaps more wisdom, patience, and acceptance. I've gotten nothing but positive reviews on the 5th decade.

I'm thinking I'll age gracefully, but with an edge. Kinda cranky, but still lovish. No gray hair, but plenty of wrinkles. Indie rock, but slow jazz on weekends. Same as ever, only better.


Anonymous said...

Hope we can be cranky together on two rocking chairs, overlooking the blue ridge mountains...happy birthday again, my friend. CEM

Schleiferkin said...

Is that CEM --- Ms. Carrie Preston? I see her ALL THE TIME on TV!!! I am only 38 but SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO gray. I color my hair every month. WHAAA. Not much in the wrinkles dept. Everyone says Olay Regenerist is next best thing to the cosmetic dermatologist. Kisses.