Thursday, March 13, 2008

Careening Towards 40: First in a (limited) Series

Last night, at a Board meeting for a sweet, tiny non-profit, I was asked to give the fundraising report. I had been pleased that my Board appeal for donations had been met earlier in the night by one member plunking down a $100 bill on the table, so I thanked him first thing -

- by saying, "That's awesome that (name) gave a G-spot".

Obviously, I meant C-note.

Children were present.

I had two vodka tonics after arriving home.


Anne said...

Thanks so much for my laugh of the day!!

Jimmy said...

I've heard some men cannot even find the g-spot. I've heard that. Never had that problem myself. Nope. Ahem. Nice weather we're having.

Lynn said...

Would Anne be laughing @ U Jimmy or the post?

Belle - sure you hadn't had some vodka B4 said board meeting? Maybe a G-spot hit as well? Hopefully afterward.....40 and closing, more fun 2 come!

Anonymous said...

HA! HA! That's my girl...and I thought our conversation at Southern Season was racy...CEM