Wednesday, March 15, 2006

There are days it is hard to be a mom, and there are days when I am so glad I had children. Children are incredibly useful, or they are at the age mine have reached, when it comes to certain tasks and basic human needs. For example, I came home yesterday having spent more than planned on the first bathing suit that held in my goods with some degree of support and modesty. (I wanna look cute at the pool, but not so cute, and not Anna Nicole Smith cute, and I wanna be able to swim and walk around and be somewhat decent.) I decided that if the fam liked the suit, it would be worth the money just to have the 2006 summer suit purchase taken care of so early. I hate shopping and I could tick this off my list.

So I tried on the suit. Red. One-piece. Interesting neckline. Good support for the goods. Perhaps a bit short on the bottom but my husband likes that. Upon seeing the suit he gave a nod of approval and has been chasing me around the house ever, success. My daughter rushed up with her happy face: "Oh! Mommy, it's SO cute! I really love it." After a hug, she patted my goods. Maybe they look pat-able, not such a bad thing, yes? Into my son's room where his big blue eyes lit up, his warmest smile overtook his little face, and his sweet voice whispered, "You. Look. Beautiful."


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