Thursday, January 19, 2006

I ain't sophi-ti-cated or nothin' but I know whats I likes. So here is a great tip for my legions of reading faithful. I enjoyed a bottle with my neighbor, a great appreciator of wine who had a recent switch to vodka (it wasn't my fault! Ok, yes it was). Peppery, yummy, dare I say even tobaccoey? It was not fruity nor a bit presumptious. I loved it and will happily shell out the ungodly sum it costs to get some more.


Lauren said...

I am trying so hard to become a cultured wine person, but it's hard when all your friends are poor and their definition of good wine is Yellowtail Merlot. They come to this conclusion because a) it's red, b) it's cheap, and c)the bottle is visually attractive.


Belle said...
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Belle said...

Interestingly, just this weekend I went to an event where all the young professionals attending brought crap wine! Yellowtail, Hess Select, etc. Not that they are bad - just rote, yes? You can find a lovely bottle for $10 and under if you ASK. I'll try to review those as I drink them!