Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Have I mentioned my yoga class? It has been mentally beneficial and somewhat physically so...I definitely have more upper-body strength, though I continue to laugh inside every time the instructor calmly tells us to put our hand, leg, foot, or hip somewhere crazy. I'm getting a little less shocked after 5 months with this woman, but not much.

This woman is just lovely. I have such a crush on her -she's so pretty and lithe, and she tells me to calm my mind and be in the moment and not judge my own practice. I can't do or not do any of those things without her. I've seen her in the real world twice and once she jokingly? accused me of stalking her. I laughed maniacally as of course I would love to stalk her!!! But I won't. She needs to keep learning and growing as an instructor and I would be an annoyance.

The employees at my health club where I take yoga are evil and mean, and a woman at class today accused me of crowding her (one cannot scowl or even yell "BITCH" at a complaining fellow classmate - that is wayyyy too much negative energy in the room). Still, I look forward to seeing my instructor each time and I feel a bit lost without yoga at least once a week. How lucky am I that I can do yoga...and breathe and laugh and have sex and eat good food and see sunshine and pretty clouds and be with people I love. Lucky, appreciative and aware. That's me.

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