Wednesday, November 23, 2005

So many things have changed my life temporarily...I throw that phrase around a lot, "it changed my life", but if you can't change what good are you? I had a wonderful, affirming, renewing trip to the city. I think it did my entire family a world of good. And of course I saw GOF and loved it. Maybe even liked it better than the book - the sense of bittersweet endings was so lovingly illustrated in the movie. And as scary as the graveyard scene was in the book I think I was not prepared for the full-on force of malevolence that is my boy Ralph Fiennes. So there's a mini-review for you - of something that didn't change my life for good but made it a tiny bit better. Go see it, if only for this costume.

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Eric said...

If only it were available for me to wear to our party this weekend.