Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Rick Springfield is set to return to General Hospital, reprising his role as Dr. Noah Drake. I will not lie: I watched this show as a teen. Everyone else was doing it, there was a character with the same name as me (and it wasn't Bobbie Spencer, there's your hint), and of course, he of "Jesse's Girl" was on the show. I was totally hot for Rick Springfield, I loved his music, and I kept on with the show for him. I don't have too many embarrassing musical vignettes in my history but pining to go see Rick in concert might count as a slight one. Buying that first Mariah Carey album was another, but she had some pipes! As for Rick, I was young and you must admit he was (and is!) attractive. "Jesse's Girl" has a nice hook - as I recall the rest of the album didn't fare quite as well. I remember many a school bus ride through the dilapidated streets of midtown Macon, GA bouncing in the seats with my best friend, squealing like what we were: teenaged girls on the cusp of our sexual awakening. Luckily, we both moved on to another, more musically hip crush not long after.


Eric said...

While you were watching those silly soaps, I was enjoying more sophisticated programming on another network with big-name stars like Meg Ryan and Julianne Moore.

Lynn said...

I loved GH. I also went to see Rick in concert - then moved onto the much better concert performance given by Mr. Adam Ant. Aghhhh, those days were fun!