Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gone Away Is the Bluebird

Things I love right now are:

Our Advent calendars - three of them - one a magnet on the fridge, one a Westminster Abbey cutout from our London peeps, and one of the classic chocolate calendars with a coloring page on back. The children are sharing nicely.

Method holiday soaps. Just the right colors and festive smells.

Also, Mrs. Meyers Clean Day holiday scent - on sale at you-know-where this week.

Wynton Marsalis' new Christmas album. His first one has been a household staple here for lo these many moons. We met him on our first anniversary, you know.

White fudge-covered Oreos. I was able to withstand temptation for the last three or four years but with the war and the economy and Tiger Woods and everything, a girl's got to have some treats. Also on sale at my home away from home.

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