Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well THAT Sucked

Sick. Broken arm. Minor procedure. Sick kid.


$350 for the arm
$60 for the procedure
$150 for my sick
$25 for kid sick

Missed a major middle school field trip, big meeting, Sunday services (and thus, some paycheck fluff), school, and being a helpful wife/mom.

It was probably H1N1 but NO ONE WILL TELL US FOR SURE.

On the mend, trying not to be too crabby.

Now to address the rash. And to hope the other two don't fall ill.


Schleiferkin said...

Sweets! We had the flu here. We were down for 2 weeks. No fun. I'm so sorry :(

Nancy R said...

So sorry you've been sick! You're right that sickness sucks not only because you feel bad but also you have to pay out the wazoo while you feel bad. Hope you're feeling well again so you can get back to your normal life (which I hope includes more postings to your delightful blog!).