Sunday, October 12, 2008

Other causes I lurve:

The Gail Perkins ovarian awareness
group has a walk that has taken place, but their site has wonderful information and there's always next year!

Remember that the JRDF walk is coming up soon - you can always support my friend Scott.

Hearts with Haiti really needs your help. Things in Haiti are almost bleaker than I can comprehend.

And of course I encourage you to donate to the candidate of your choice for state and local races, as well as the big 'un.

I'm feeling like I should put positiveness out into the uni, so I'll report that my family had a special time of it this weekend. Team Whilst traveled to a town west of here for my daughter's soccer tournament. Not only did she play crazy great (including performing a block that had her sliding into the ball to knock it away from an offensive opponent...she would be on the highlights reel), but we all enjoyed the Emb-ASS-y Suites - free breakfast! Complimentary cocktails! A separate room for Mom and Dad! There was also the 10 hours of sleep we all got Saturday night. Love the church gig, but it cuts into my Saturday/Sunday laziness.

So I'm feeling good and healthy and aware and rested, and I want you all to feel the same. That's my wish tonight.

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