Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Netflix queue has 129 entries.

(heavy sigh)

Upcoming cultural excitement includes seeing my friend on "Desperate Housewives", seeing my young adolescent friend in "Les Miserables" (directed by Terry Mann!), maybe getting to the "Marriage of Figaro" featuring my boss's baritone, and developing a treatment for a children's book to be produced at church.

And trying to make a dent in that queue. Starting tonight with some last season "Heroes". I'm prepared to not love it....anyone wanna challenge me on that?


Lynn said...

You're going to LOVE it. I just know - it's a feeling. It's really a good show - all the things that you loved about LOST - it's a good show.

Lynn said...

More proof:

Belle said...

Ok....but I don't lurve it yet...only into 2nd epi.