Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's no fun at all, but I haven't any time to post right now. And this, in the middle of NaBloPoMo! Yet, priorities are just that...and in my constant battle to put my family first, I am currently fighting small insurgencies of extra-curricular activities along with sniper-like seasonal events. So blogging must take a back seat.

That said, my daughter's homework was excellent the other night. (In general, her entire school experience has been excellent. This year in particular has been stellar super scrumptious excellent.) She was asked to fill in a chart for a Mrs. Chen, giving her a schedule of all of her errands, and how much time she would have to do them before meeting the young Chens at the bus. For example, if Mrs. Chen left the mall at 1:15 after having spent 50 minutes shopping, and it takes her seven minutes to reach the grocers, how long can she stay at the grocery store before needing to leave to get to the bus stop (time to drive from grocery store to bus stop=ten minutes). LOVE IT! I was so happy that I understood the homework and could actually assist my daughter should she need help, and that here was a real-life lesson that would serve her well down the road, and mainly that I felt much more effective than Mrs. Chen that day! She only went to the mall, the grocery store, and the auto repair shop. Please. I can nail all that in an hour.

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