Tuesday, July 04, 2006

And before any more time passes, let these pages reflect the passing of a most amazing lady. My husband's grandmother died at age 92 last week. We are all sad, and that is saying something - that my children had a relationship with a great grandparent, that she adopted me as her own granddaughter (literally - she even sent "Happy Birthday, Granddaughter" cards along with very generous checks until just recently), that she was such a meaningful presence in my husband's life, that we all felt so close to her despite her living in the great wild plains of America's midwest.

Grandma lived through some hard times, including the hardest time I could possibly imagine for myself or any mother. We sought to honor her struggle by naming our son after someone she loved. I think she was pleased. I hope we will find many other ways to remember her and her energetic, loving, accepting, and family-centered life.

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