Monday, April 03, 2006

I spent my Saturday night enjoying quiet, pleasant pursuits like growling and drinking and laughing at my husband and in-laws. My children, on the other hand, were worked up into a heavy-duty froth over Jack Black and his hosting duties for the 2006 Kid's Choice Awards. It was all good, clean fun, especially when Will Smith admonished children to hang out with good kids and when Pink sang about stupid girls, but aren't I glad we weren't standing in the mosh pit!

My inlaws and I tried to tell my daughter that Lindsay Lohan isn't the best role model. She seems unkind, disloyal, and really, really into blow. And, as seen above, doesn't wear underwear at public appearances. Our admonishments fell on ears deafened by the hum of Herbie the Love Bug, but then again, how noble is it of we adults to even know these things about Lindsay Lohan? Or even to care? Lesson learned.

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